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Better Tools make Better Chefs.

Shop our products and we know you will find all the features you need at a price that will put a smile on your face and put some cash back in your pocket.

Counterculture Cookware
Herbal Chef puts green where it should be - the kitchen! As infused edibles, topicals and tinctures reach greater numbers of savvy connoisseurs, we offer the premium do-it-yourself gear to deliver the highest rewards from one’s own kitchen, by their own hand!

With the right tools; edibles, topicals & tinctures can have a personal, economical touch. Herbal Chef understands that consistent results start with accuracy... and that starts with the proper tools. 

Take the Confusion out of Infusion

Herbal Chef also provides Wholesale Opportunities for those interested in carrying our line of products for their retail storefronts. For further information regarding our Wholesale Opportunities, simply fill out the form available by clicking here... Wholesale Opportunities.

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