Herbal Chef FAQ

Premium Materials
Herbal Chef offers 420-friendly kitchenwares specifically designed for cannabis cooking. Herbal Chef’s cannabis kitchen tools are BPA-free, food-grade silicone that meets or exceeds FDA standards. They withstand extreme temperatures too (from -100 degrees to 445 degrees), going from broiler to freezer to dishwasher.
It BURNS! Honestly, Herbal Chef would never recommend trying to push the limit of temperatures for any silicone product. If silicone does heat beyond its capacity it will melt, lose it's form, essentially ruining your product and potentially your oven as well.
Right here!
Along with our products for all sorts of yummy delights, we provide recipes through our Herbal Chef KITCHEN (blog), with our product manuals and instructions.
We highly recommend the following cooking websites: Food.com