Herbal Chef Wholesale Opportunities

Get In on the Ground Floor

Herbal Chef offers a great brand of products that won’t break the bank.
Your customers will appreciate the precision-made trivets, trays and other silicone tools!  And cannabis culinarians will really respond to a wide selection of tools that meet specific needs (like our butter infuser), especially in the key of green.

The Cannabis Cookware Industry is Growing

Herbal Chef is early to the underserved edibles market, and you can ride the wave too!  As more states and municipalities relax, rescind or remove prohibition against cannabis, the edibles industry will grow like a well set souffle. Be the first in your market to bring the heat to counterculture cooks you can also call customers.

Discover wholesale pricing that will propel your profitability!

(please include HERBAL CHEF WHOLESALE as the first line of your contact message)

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